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October 26th 2019

Frenchtown Zombie Crawl and Scavenger Hunt

Saturday October 26th 2019

The annual Frenchtown Zombie Crawl and Scavenger Hunt takes place on Saturday, Oct. 26th from 12-4pm. The crawl commences, or shall we say rises from the ground, at noon in Sunbeam Lenape Park along the river.  

Come in costume and makeup OR have your makeup done by us!  Zombie makeup artists will be on hand transform the living into the dead. 

Our skilled zombie team will be offering makeup services ranging from $5 to $15. Scavenger hunt through town / Zombie Contest is $5 per person / $10 per family/team. Everyone is encouraged to dress in their deadly best for the zombie contest.

Shuffle through town on a photo scavenger hunt for brains and zombie fingers. Spend some time in Sunbeam Park to check out the makeup transformations. Peruse offerings from a select offering of spooky vendors. Enjoy snacks and refreshments, sway to zombie inspired tunes. Tour the zombie barbie / baby doll graveyard. Admire the apocalyptic decor.  Play zombie games. Walk through town to participate in the scavenger hunt, admire the scarecrows created by Frenchtown Elementary School students around town. Stop in our stores see how stores are embracing small town zombie culture.

Awards Categories: Best in Zombie Crawl, Best Zombie Makeup (done by participant), Best Zombie Couple, Best Zombie Kid (12 and under), Best Zombie Costume, Best Makeup by Event Artist (awarded to artist and zombie), Most Original Zombie.


12pm - register for scavenger hunt and makeup

12:30-2:30 - strolling zombie bagpiper

2:30 - withes dance tutorial and group dance

3 - scavenger hunt scoring

3:15 - performance by Star City Tribal ZOMBIE Belly Dance Troupe

3:30 - costume contest

3:45 - awards ceremony and prizes

Zombies can start their day in Frenchtown then shuffle on over to The Frenchtown Witch Project, an unusual art show presented by Frenchtown First Fridays at the Ressarts Projects located at 2 Kingwood Ave.

(aka, the red house on the creek). The Witch Project begins at 8pm on Friday, Oct. 25th and will disappear just before the stroke of midnight on Saturday, Oct. 26th. 

FRIDAY 10/25 & 10/26 - Frenchtown Witch Project (see Frenchtown First Friday on Facebook)

SATURDAY 10/26 - Frenchtown's annual Halloween Parade, hosted by the American Legion.

SUNDAY 10/27 - Milford Halloween Parade

For more info on these and other Frenchtown happenings, visit LoveFrenchtown on Facebook or 

Up to date details can be found 

Frenchtown Zombiecrawl on Facebook 

Event - Zombie Crawl + Scavenger Hunt


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