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The Spinnery: Fluffy Comfort

By: Paige Spinelli

Fluffy balls of yarn, in every color imaginable, has to be one of the most unexpectedly comforting sights. At the Spinnery, you can’t help but feel instantly nostalgic for weekends at Grandma’s, and your softest sweater. However, the Spinnery is home to much more than yarn. The owner, Betty, describes it as a “magic shop” for all who desire to create with wool. Let’s dive into the store of your comfiest dreams! 

Originally a practicing nurse, Betty began this journey when she and her partner purchased a farm in the ’70s. Over the years, the farm became a home for more and more sheep. Naturally, the question of, “what do we do with all this wool?” arised. Thus, the Spinnery was born! 

While initially located in Flemington, Betty loved the iconic Frenchtown atmosphere. One fateful day in 2004, she was driving through town when she passed a building. Contractors were restoring it to its former glory. Immediately captivated by it, she put in an offer that very same day. It’s been sixteen years now, and the Spinnery still stands in that exact location: 33 Race Street.

While her handspun yarn, crocheted items, and naturally dyed wool are divine, perhaps what makes the Spinnery unique is the connections Betty has with her customers. She believes that’s the most rewarding part of her job. As she puts it, “My job consists of many things, one being a therapist and a friend,” When I first entered her shop, I saw this in action as she caught up with a regular customer.

The holidays are right around the corner, so stop by the Spinnery! They’re open Wednesday through Sunday, 11 am-5 pm. This season, Betty is creating custom, handmade, crochet headpieces. The cool thing is, she’ll attach a button or broach of a loved one (say, a button from your grandma’s jacket). This way, they’ll always be reminded of you, or vice versa (pictured below). Betty also offers one-on-one classes. Don’t miss out on all the sweet, fluffiness the Spinnery has to offer!

Visit https://thespinnery.square.site/ for more information.

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Paige Spinelli, high school student and contributing writer for Love Frenchtown's River Rat Megaphone Newsletter. 


Betty at her loom

Betty’s handmade, custom headpiece

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