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9.3.2020 RiverRat Megaphone

Frenchtown Art Tour

Greetings everyone,

Welcome to FAT!

This postponed event now has a new date: October 24 & 25, 2020. Frenchtown Art Tour will once again be coordinating events with Makers Alley and HOBART.

So what does an Art Tour look like during a pandemic? Obviously you need to find a way to be safe. I personally intend to set up a tent outdoors, in my own backyard, and have people visit that way. My studio is tiny, so I would invite one person at a time in. Masks required!

We will promote the event along side our other art partners, but I am no longer asking for any kind of fee. This is a DIY situation. You can create your own yard signs, and create additional promotion via your own social media site. We hope you will let us know you will participate so we can include you in our communication.

FAT sign up form

- Chris Mundy


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